$100 Photo Contest

The 2011 Running Photo Contest
1st Prize $100

This is a call for entries for your best running images of 2011.
Images include not only photos, but any original art, drawings, paintings, digital images, etc.

It will be a juried competition, with the panel to be announced. The jurors will be lifetime runners as well as art aficionados. We may add a public voting component, though we don't want it to turn into a personal popularity contest.

We will be taking submissions throughout 2011, and on December 31, 2011 we will determine the winners.

Applicants may submit one (and only one) photo per month for the entire year, for a total of 12. Images will not be accepted late, so if you wait until December, you can only submit one entry.

The reason for this is to coerce people into producing great images all year long and not wait until the end.

As runners, we all have had this conversation:
You: "I have to go for a run"
Non-runner: "What are you running from? Ha! Ha!"
You: "Ha. Good one"
Non-runner: "Seriously, it is freezing rain out. Why?"
So the theme for this completion is "Why We Run". The idea is to convey the reasons why us runners do what we do.
  • Why do we get up at 4 am, drive 80 miles, and pay $60 for a race we have no chance of winning?
  • Or spend 3 hours on cold, muddy trail?
  • Or run around the same circle day after day and not get anywhere?
See if you can capture the answer in an image.  This is intentionally vague, so get creative and run with it (pun unintended). The image will not necessarily be someone running. For example: Could be a pair of shoes, or a black toenail, race banner, etc.

The spirit of this is to get beyond the superficial reasons for running like losing weight or competition.
We are not looking for pictures of Ryan Hall, Kara Goucher or somebody's six pack abs. This is about running as it's own reward.

There are no concrete rules regarding content, or criteria for judging. Just make us laugh, cry, cringe, or say "wow". Bottom line is we are looking for is great images.

Cash money.
  • 1st - $100
  • 2nd - $50
  • 3rd - $25
  • Any submitted work may (or may not) be published in Why We Run.
  • Public acknowledgement/praise/ridicule on this blog.
  1. No entry fee.
  2. Anyone, anywhere can submit.
  3. By submitting work, you are agreeing to allow reproduction on this blog, and in a book of collected works (See Why We Run) with attribution, of course.
  4. Must be taken/produced during 2011
  5. Must be somehow related to the activity or sport of running. See Theme .
  6. Maximum 1 image per month/ per person. So make it good.  
  7. Must be original work submitted by the photographer/artist.
  8. Image should be print quality, meaning it looks good printed 8" x 10". High resolution can help, but not necessarily.  We recommend at least 2560 x 1920 (5 megapixel), or higher.
  9. File size should be less than 5 MB(megabytes). If you have higher quality, hold on to it, we may ask for it later.

How To Submit
  1. First fill out this form. You MUST fill out the form. 
  2. Then email the image to this address:
  3. In the subject line, include: your name, the month, and the title of the image. 
  • Image must be a JPG file, somewhere between 1 MB and 5 MB
  • Sorry, I am no longer accepting links. Please email to the address above.
  • Remember, you may submit one and only one image during each month. You miss a month, too bad.

Rules/Fine print:
  1. Images may be slightly modified for publication 
  2. Entries may be rejected in a Kafkaesque manner. 
  3. Don't try to submit under multiple names. We will know.
  4. Contest is subject to be canceled if we lose our jobs and need the prize money to buy groceries.
  5. You are not paying any fees, so absolutely no complaining, whining, or irritating behavior of any kind.
  6. The rules may be changed on a whim and without notice.
  7. Any attempt to subvert the rules will result in the harshest punishment allowed under the Bush Administration. 
If you have any questions leave a comment below or email us at: contest@running-down.com
(Please do not email photos to this address.)

Happy running this year...

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