Friday, November 8, 2013

Croatan 24 Hour Live Blog!

So my attempt at running under 3 hours in the Detroit Marathon was sort of a success:
I was completely done running in less than 3 hours.

Unfortunately I only made it 18 miles, and had to walk/limp/shuffle the rest of the way.
So now my last 7 marathons I have signed up for were failures: 4 of them my legs fell apart and had to walk it in, and the other 3 I hurt myself in training and didn't even start.

So clearly it is time to start running Ultras!

I haven't been running much. Instead I've been assisting my wife
 with her photography project, which involves her taking
 photos of me being assaulted by shelter dogs.

In the three weeks since the marathon, I've mostly done very short, slow runs. I run to work and back, which is 1.25 miles each way. Or I run the dogs for a mile. Still these short distances feel hard on my old, crumbling, arthritic legs.

So the Croatan24 race is a perfect introductory Ultra for me.
The course is only 1.37 miles long! And you have an entire 24 hours to finish it!
It seems really short for an ultra, but I am not complaining. I doubt I could finish a 5K right now, so 1.37 miles is a sufficient challenge for me.

I figure I should be able to finish it in not more than an hour. I can then spend the rest of the time lounging around, napping, eating grilled veggie burgers, and blogging about it.

Thats why I have created a blog to brag about my inevitably amazing achievements in real time:

At the very least I should be able to outrun that utra running wife of mine. Sure, I have no chance against her in a marathon or a 50 miler. But I bet I can beat her in 1.37 miles!