Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's your MPG?

What's our vector Victor?

Ran 13 miles in Umstead this morning (yes, my knees, achilles, calf, soleus, and hip are feeling better. Thanks for asking!). I weighed myself before and after, and I lost 5 pounds.

No bathroom breaks, so it was almost entirely all sweat. And because it is summer in NC, the humidity is 99% and none of that sweat evaporated. I am not sure where it goes. I guess it is flung at people passing by on bikes.

Anyway, 5 pounds of sweat is roughly 0.6 gallons. That comes to be 21.6 miles to the gallon.
Better than my car usually gets. Still, I guess for my long run I'll need a gallon jug of water.