Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 Uwharrie Mountain Run Photos

Just in case you didn't see the photos on facebook, here is a link to them:

2013 Uwharrie Mountain Run 40 Miler finish line photos

You do not need an account to view them. Let us know if you would like a high rez one.

After running the 40 miler the past 3 years, Shannon and I decided to take a break and volunteer. I was still recovering from trying to run the 40 last year, and Shannon is training for the Umstead Marathon.

Race director Kim from Bull City Running gave us probably the most plum volunteer job there is there.
We got to work the 40 miler finish line, and we didn't have to show up until noon.

Water was still frozen at noon.

We still managed to screw it up however. Jason gave us the simple task of making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but we just couldn't get the bread to line up.

So we left the kitchen area to some other more competent volunteers. Shannon took photos while I recorded peoples times.

Shannon worked VERY hard... to stay awake.

All I had to do was push a little button on a timing machine when someone finished. But after about 8 button pushes I broke the machine, and it started freaking out.

So I just recorded the peoples times by hand. If your finish time seems off, it is because the added/subtracted style points. If you ran through the finish line fast, I added extra time because obviously you didn't run long enough.

Next year we are going to try running it again, where we can do less damage.