Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Godiva Presidential Inauguration

Just a handful of the past Godiva presidents,
with the current president Doug Hensel left holding the baton.
The Carolina Godiva Track Club annual members party was held last night in Durham.
As is tradition, the club treats attending members to pizza and beverages, and the ceremonial "passing of the baton" is performed.

The outgoing 2012 president Halle Amick gave a brief but rousing speech in which she encouraged members to volunteer, and then publicly shamed me for quitting the newsletter editor position after just 4 months.

Kevin Nickodem was goaded into staying on as treasurer for another year, and then Doug Hensel was then formally promoted from Vice President to President for 2013. Past presidents in attendance lined up, passing the baton down the line ending up with Doug.

New VP Brandy Burns.

The shocker of the evening was the nomination of Brandy Burns into the Vice President position, which left many speculating exactly how drunk she was when she had agreed to it.

We all then refilled our beers and sat down to talk about our various running injuries, and upcoming races.

New president Doug (left),  posing with ultra lunatic Mike Dacar.
Doug was already drunk with the power of the presidency last night,
and spent a good 5 minutes fondling me.

Many of the members in attendance were in training for the upcoming Uwharrie Mountain Run on February 2nd. Shannon went around to a few of them and got a shot of their "Uwharrie Face", as they contemplated the always challenging run:

Shauna is clearly frightened by the 20 miler.

Erin is slightly bewildered thinking of the 8 miler.

Karen is apparently expecting to be attacked
by Big Foot during the 40 miler.
Chris can't believe he signed the 20 again.
Ronnie is confident he can get to mile 22 pretty fast... 

...but mile 32 is not looking so good.
Heiko and Doug don't seem worried at all