Friday, November 9, 2012

Twenty Six Point Dead at Umstead

First, there was The Ream at The Scream where I schooled Josh in the ways of crashing down a mountain.

Next was The Brawl in Benson, where Josh got his revenge by out-kicking and outwitting me with the help of duct tape

Now the stage is set for the rubber match. The final battle. A balls-to-the-trail, winner-take-all, marathon to the deathTwenty Six Point Dead at Umstead

Our third and possibly terminal showdown will take place at the 2013 Umstead Marathon (Tenth anniversary edition!).

Recent training runs revealed that we are both a bit out of shape, though evenly matched.
We both will dedicate the next 4 months training solely for this race.

On March 2, 2013 we will find out:

  • Who trained harder and most importantly smarter
  • Who is the biggest shirtless douchebag
  • And who will emerge alive from the bottom of Cedar Ridge...

(Assuming, of course, we can actually register in time)