Friday, July 13, 2012

Please, I Need You Back

I'm so sorry for what I did. Please, I want you... I need you back.
You were so good to me for 2 years, and I just dumped you. I called you fat. I called you lazy and obtuse. I blamed you for all my problems and tossed you out in the garage with the sawdust and spiderwebs.

You were right, leaving you for that pair of Montrails was a huge mistake. They were narrow and unstable, just like you said. When I finally accepted that four months ago, they went right into the garbage can, I swear. And that young, slim, trendy pair I've been running in lately? Yes, they are as shallow and unsupportive as they appear. Those Trail Gloves didn't help me at all when the going got really rough.

I'm weak and damaged. I admit now that I am not strong enough to endure the long gravel road that stretches before me. I can't face it all on my own. Please, my old trusty Brooks Pillow Plodders, you are the only ones who can help me now.
One last time? For old times' sake?

These both fit my feet perfectly.