Friday, April 20, 2012

Umstead Coalition Run Tomorrow

Just a reminder, come on out and support our favorite park in the morning:

Music, a silent auction, a run/walk and bike event are all happening.

In the 4 mile run there will be an exciting heads up race between Team Dooright and Team Coprophagia.

Team Dooright

Members: Dudley Dooright, Me
Strengths: Short distance speed, Tennis Ball retrieval
Weaknesses: Human component is on the verge of 74 different injuries. Canine component tends to overheat and burst into flames in temperatures over 40 deg F, may have to stop and fertilize the forest.

Team Coprophagia

Members: Shannon and Jeffery J. Jeffery
Strengths: Endurance, Photography
Weaknesses: Human component recovering from a 100 miler. Canine component may have to stop for a "snack".

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