Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Accurate Boston Marathon Elevation Profile

I see that about 95% of the people finding this blog are searching for "Boston Marathon Elevation Profile".
This is a very popular topic, because the hills of Boston are legendary!
Did you know that Heartbreak hill rises a towering 88 feet?!

Well I am here to give you what you are looking for. Now, the profile of the Boston Marathon is available many places around the web, but most of them are distorted.

Click for larger image

For example take the one above. The problem with it is that the distance is in miles, while the elevation is in feet. To get an accurate view of what the elevation profile REALLY looks like, we need to change the elevation scale to be in miles too.

Click for larger image

Ah. That's better. I think Heartbreak hill is there at mile 20.

Look closely.

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