Sunday, March 18, 2012

Starting Over

Since I sat out the Umstead Marathon, people have been asking me, "What's injured?"
Well, surprisingly... nothing!

But if I had tried to run Umstead, I would be injured right now. I was not in any kind of shape to run a marathon. People said, "Oh, just run it slow." These are the people who are in marathon shape, and forget how far 26.2 miles is, no matter how slow you go.

After a year of stupidly pushing myself through races, getting injured, and then gazing enviously at people who are not limping, it's time to start over.

A month ago, I started by running down the street 0.3 miles. And I've been working my way slowly back up.

A Minimal Experiment
I had tried barefoot running originally because I thought it would make me faster.
But what I discovered were knees that didn't hurt when I went sans shoes. And it wasn't because I was going slower; slowing down in shoes never felt any better.

I won't get into the whole "Is barefoot better?" debate.
But there is no question that running barefoot makes you run more gently. And my knees really appreciate that.

So I took all the cushy shoes and stuck them in a box in the garage. If anyone wears size 12, and is looking for gently used Brooks Launch and Montrail Rouge Racers let me know.

Now, I love running on trails, and I can't do that barefoot just yet. (This guy can. And now, so can this guy.)

So I held on to my Trail Gloves.

The problem with the Trail Gloves is they make me want to run way too fast. My calves, feet, soleus, and Achilles are really paying the price for my impatience. My knees are OK so far though.

My goal is to run a trail half marathon in Pinckney, MI at the end of April.
Most of my runs these days are in the 1 to 2 mile range. So I have a long way to go.

I'll do my Hard Climb Hill race report tomorrow.

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