Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tick Mob

Spontaneous Tick Mob

The Umstead Marathon Tick shirt seems to be quite popular, because I keep seeing it everywhere.
Of course, it is hard to miss, as it is bright as a laser pointer shining in your eye.

This gave me an idea. What if we all wore our tick shirts to Uwharrie on Saturday? No agenda. Just a semi-spontaneous assault of neon green ticks. Call it a "Tick Mob"

Maybe it's a dumb idea, because trail runners tend to be the individualistic type, and frown on conformity.

On the other hand, we would be quite visible out in the forest. This will help the runners following us, as well as the forest rangers who will come searching for us when we get lost.

Umstead Tick Mob
Another, even better idea is if "Tick Mob" the 2012 Umstead Marathon.

It would be a show of appreciation to the Umstead "Conclave", letting them know what a great job they do and  how much we love the Tick Shirts.

So far, it's me and Josh.

Anyone else?

For those without a Tick Shirt, you may be able to still buy them from Godiva. Usually they sell them old shirts at the race.

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