Saturday, October 15, 2011

Questions for the Hites?

Runners Joyce Hodges-Hite, 74 and  Jim Hite, 77 

We met the amazing running couple Joyce Hodges-Hite and Jim Hite at the Continental Divide 10K Trail Race last year.

The CDTR 10K is a race in which elite runners who run 5Ks in the 14 minute range walk up some of the hills.

To see a couple in their 70's there tackling that brutal course was astounding. Shannon and I can only hope to be that couple 35 years from now.

They will be in town on Monday, so we are going to interview them and find out what makes them tick. I'll post it here.

If you have any ideas for questions we could ask, please submit them below. It would be much appreciated!