Thursday, September 1, 2011

2011 CDTR 10K Photos - Women's Race

As I mentioned before, Shannon and I photographed the the 2011 Continental Divide 10K Trail Championship.

I took pictures of the women's race while Shannon ran, and Shannon took pictures of the men's race and everything else.

Women's Race
I finished editing the photos that I took, and I am somewhat disappointed with the results. It turns out that it is not as simple as point and shoot, and I have a lot to learn about photography.

Here is a link to the album on Facebook

Feel free to tag away.

Here is a link to a Picasa Album

You can email me a if you would like a high rez photo.

Shannon is still editing the Men's race, and we have more from the pre-race and awards ceremony.
Sorry it's taking so long to get them done, we have a lot of stuff going on this week.

These are the best of the set.

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