Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am Reading a Book!

Blogging Marathon Day #4

A hand written note from the author

For most people this wouldn't be news, but I don't read a lot of books.

I do try to pretend I'm intellectual, by reading books like "Why we get sick". This book has sentences like this:
An individual homozygous for the normal allele has perfectly good red blood corpuscles but lacks the special resistance to malaria.

Unfortunately, I have the attention span of a gnat, so I've been reading it for 3 years and I'm still not done.

So I bought another book: "Running for the Hansons", which I will attempt to read in just 2 weeks, and then post a thoughtful book review. It is written by an a guy who runs at the elite level, but does not show up on the cover of Runners World or in shoe advertisements.

Instead he works at the Hanson's shoe store. Here is an except from the book
The third main type of customer at the Hansons is what I like to call a "Stroke". The Stroke is a middle-aged man who is somewhat financially well off... he is a runner and a triathlete and he lets you know that right away... He is usually obsessed with the latest running trends like minimalist running shoes and Vibram Five Fingers, and he will usually start telling you about the book Born to Run and a guy named Dean Karnazes.
For the record, I never said I was a triathlete.