Monday, April 4, 2011

Umstead 100 Photos

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The 2011 Umstead Endurance Run
Taken by Shannon at Tom's Ptomaine Tavern.

Let us know if you want any high resolution images. It would make Shannon very happy to give them to you.

It was volunteering at Tom's Ptomaine Tavern in 2009 that introduced Shannon and I to the bizarre and awe inspiring world of the Ultra Marathon.

We returned to the Umstead Endurance Run in 2010 as runners, but dropped out after running a measly 50 miles.

Accepting our limitations, we volunteered again this year. Shannon got pictures, or course.

Tom's Tavern has to be the greatest aid station anywhere. It almost has too much to offer, as runners are overwhelmed with choices when they come by.
Want a burger? Regular or veggie? Bun? White bread? Mustard? Ketchup? What kind of cheese you want on that?  Crap, sorry we don't have any pickles.
Soup? What kind? Pizza? Three toppings to choose from.
One runner asked for Oreo cookies. Not the regular ones, the vanilla ones. They had those.

We were there Saturday evening, filling up some water bottles but mostly just getting in the the way.
After a few hours I became exhausted, and my feet and legs were very sore. I absolutely could not continue, so we headed home at 10pm.

Frank Lilley runs in style.

For this amazing feat of volunteering we received shirts, blankets, and a kick ass duffel bag. Tom really appreciates the volunteers, even mostly useless ones like us.

We got a good nights sleep and came back to find Tom and Dorothy still there. They must have been up for 48 hours straight.

We saw the last few runners come by around 9am, hoping to make the 30 hour cut off. One woman we had last seen the night before in a cot covered in a blanket. We assumed she had dropped out, but there she was 12 hours later, about to finish 100 miles. Amazing.

Congrats to all the runners who even attempted to conquer 100 miles. As I painfully struggle through 30 mile weeks, I lack the words to describe how impressed I am with all of you.

Thanks Tom (and Dorothy), for best aid station anywhere!

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