Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Uwharrie Uncertainty

The Uwharrie Mountain Run  is on Saturday, just 4 days away.
Instead of one interesting and entertaining pre-race blog entry, I will be posting a bunch of incoherent blather the next few days.

Shannon and I are signed up for the 40 miler again, and we have been looking forward to it ever since we ran the 37.5 miler last year.

In fact, this was my "goal race" for the year. I was hoping to join the prestigious Organ Donor Club, which requires finishing the 40 miler in under 7 hours. Even if I was 100% healthy, this would be a long shot, because my name does not really belong on that list.

Unfortunately I am far from healthy at the moment. Now, I know I complain about being injured all the time, but after all, the name of the blog is "Running Down".

Today I am walking with a slight limp, and getting in and out of my car is a struggle. I seem to have pulled, strained, tweaked, and/or wrenched my left hamstring while moving some shelves in the garage on Saturday. A run on Sunday made it much worse, and it is noticeably swollen.

According to Shannon and my running log, my performance in any race is inversely proportional to the state of my well being in the 5 days prior. If this holds true, I will be setting a new course record.

But seriously if I am still limping on Friday, I will have to sit the race out, and "crew" for Shannon.
Unlike me, she is healthy and primed for a good race.

next: profiles, maps, training, perspectives...

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