Thursday, February 3, 2011

Uwharrie 40 vs. Blue Ridge Marathon

Continuing my Uwharrie preview, here is a some perspective.

Uwarrie regulars consider the hills to be tough there. But lets compare it to some wimpy road marathon, like the nearby Blue Ridge Marathon in VA:

Added note: And this is just the 2010 course. They added yet another huge climb for 2011.

Google-Earthed course map:

Of course, at Blue Ridge you probably wouldn't find your self in this situation:

Photo by Jason R. Rose (found it on facebook)

And of course we compare them both to pikes peek:
Whatever. Sorry, my heart isn't into this, because it looks like I'll have to sit out the race because of this strained muscle. I tested it out last night by running a mile, and the result was me repeatedly screaming "FUCK" down the street.
On the plus side, I have now cemented my status as "the weirdo" in my neighborhood.

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