Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Contest Update

"The Feeling of Flying"
Jaclyn Kolev

The entries to our photo contest are starting to trickle in. While the quantity is low (five) the quality is fantastic.

Here is a link to the current entries.

I absolutely love the one above. That "Feeling of Flying" is an experience that is impossible to explain to a non-runner. It does not come often enough for me, but it is one of big the reasons why I run.

In stark contrast to "The Feeling of Flying", local running phenom Frank Lilley submitted a photo that invokes the  feeling of swimming. It's interesting that both images demonstrate the same activity.

"Uwharrie Stream Crossing"
Frank Lilley

This is from the Uwharrie 40 miler. What makes this photo especially great is that the runners missed the left turn and are actually going the wrong way. The Uwharrie course has a wonderful sense of humor.

"A Dusting Over Tanawha"
Brandon Thrower
The photo above was submitted by someone unknown.
Submitted by mountian runner Brandon Thrower, showing "The Tanawha Trail (part of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail) winding through an open meadow with Grandfather Mountain in the background."
Ah, I'd love to disappear into that horizon on long, long run.

If you can do better, send in your photos. Cold hard cash, bragging rights, and international fame can be yours!