Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Godiva Geezer Pleezer

The Geezer Pleezer is part of the Carolina Godiva Track Club Winter Series.

I love this race, and I think there should be more like this. The playing field is leveled with age and gender handicap head starts. You results highlight some truly impressive athletic performances by the older runners.

Shannon took her camera running again, and got these shots from along the course.
Heiko's photos are here.
This is really a fun race. You don't need to be a Godiva member to run it, and it's only $5. So come on out and give it a try next year.

Since it was only 4 miles, I pushed as hard as I could, and I think scared some people with my grunting and groaning.
But even with an extra 45 seconds head start, I was still slower than last year. Hopefully it is just the fatigue.
Looking back at my running log, I discovered that this was the first time I have run under a 7 minute pace since the Turkey Trot 3 months ago. Hmmm. I guess that's what trail running will do for you..

Ug. Better start training for Umstead!