Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Umstead Park Closed Due to Snow

The deadly snow looms ominously behind a
"Park Closed" sign. (seriously, they closed it)
Umstead Park in Raleigh, NC continued to be closed today due to 6 inches of snowfall that occurred on Sunday.

The lingering snow created "Unsafe and hazardous conditions", according to signs posted at park entrances.

The severity of the situation was highlighted on Sunday, when two park visitors were critically discomforted.
One slipped and fell on his backside, severely staining his trousers. The other stepped into deep snow, causing his feet to become cold and wet.

"Emergency rescue teams were able to evacuate the two discomforted persons", explained Park Superintendent Scott Letchwort. The two were flown by Medevac to UNC hospital were they are in serious but stable condition.

"The park will remain closed until we can melt all of the snow with electric heaters and mop up all of the water", said Letchwort, "We simply cannot take the risk that someone would get mud on their shoes"

Letchwort said there will be another planned closure in the spring. "We will be removing all roots and rocks from the trails, which are dangerous tripping hazards. "

In 2012, construction is slated for the hermetically sealed dome which will cover the entire park.
"When the dome goes up, we will finally be able rid the park of the dangerous wildlife and clean up all of the dirt. Finally the public will be able to enjoy nature in the safety and comfort of a climate controlled environment"