Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow Day!

Jorge Francisco is a happy
It was snowy, slushy, freezing rainy kind of weather yesterday.

In northern climates, this would be considered a "nice day". But here in NC, there is panic and hysteria. Everything shuts down and people hide in their houses.

For Shannon and I, it was a good day to run. Not because we are "hard core" and like to be miserable. No, I hate this kind of weather, which is why I fled Michigan.

It was a good day because we know no one else will be out there, and we will have the paths and trails all to ourselves. This means we can bring our ill-behaved pack of dogs along and let them run free. Dog heaven.

This is a Rorschach Test. What do you see? A broken stool?
Qbert? (anyone remember Qbert?)

Dooright loves mud

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