Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FAUST Marathon on Friday

No need to sell your soul, it's free.

Announcing the first quasi-annual...

Fat Ass Umstead Single Track Marathon (or half if you prefer)

Date:    Friday, Nov 26
Time:    8 am
Where: Umstead Harrison Parking lot
Why:    To obtain "unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures".
             Or, as a training run for Uwharrie

First place gets stack of 6 year old, mostly rotted fire wood. (You must pick up)
Last place gets a pair of slightly used Tigram Tentoes


The course is 13.1 miles of single track, including all of Company Mill, Sycamore, and Potts Branch trails. Done twice for 26.2 miles.

1. From the parking lot, start down Company Mill.
2. When you cross the bridge turn right onto the Company Mill loop.
3. After you cross over Reedy Creek trail, turn right and cross over Graylyn into the Sycamore loop
4. Sycamore crosses over Graylyn again, then turn right and go North up Sycamore
5. Take this all the way to Potts Branch trail, where you will make a left
6. Follow this around. Watch for the right turn to stay on Potts Branch
7. Potts Branch just ends at a road. Cross over and run into the picnic area.
8. Eventually you will see 2 drinking fountains. This is about mile 6.5
9. The entrance to Sycamore is there, take that back down all the way to Graylyn again.
10. Jump over to the Company Mill loop, making a right to go counter clockwise.
11. Head back to the Harrison Parking lot and refuel.

Hell of a lot easier to just look at the map:

Hardly a mountain run, but the best we have around here.