Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Misery Run

A happy finisher
This is what Shannon said after last year's Carolina Godiva Misery Run.
She thought being covered in mud and manure was, in fact, miserable.
"I am not running this next year!", she vowed.

So she didn't. This year she decided to stay clean and dry and take pictures of the race. The best 33 photos are here. All 467 are here.

I, on the other hand, think running through the mud and poo is a blast.
So today, as I approached the first cow waste mud puddle, I took a bounding leap into it, literally jumping into the sloppy fun with both feet. In mid air, I saw Shannon crouching down at the edge of the puddle with her camera.

"Ahhhggg! God!", she cried as I splashed with her the disgusting slop. She ended up getting dirtier than I did, which I thought was quit ironic.
"NO! NOT FUNNY!", she later disagreed, "I even got crap in my new cute haircut."
Here is the video she took of the mud pit. I was the 6th person through.

The hay bales were a lot of fun as well. Here are the 3 best hay bale vaults captured by Shannon's camera.

3rd place. Dave with the swing over

2nd place. Bart "Air" Bechard simply hurdling it

1st place. Ronnie Weed with the somersault.

Here is the video of the everyone going over the hay bale on the first loop. I love the bag pipes and dog running by at the end.

New this year was the "Manure Volcano", which is was a huge pile poo with a large hole at the top.
A few people lost shoes in there.

Afterwards, chocolate awards were handed out.
Winners were those that finished closest to their predicted times. Awards also went to the oldest, youngest, first, last and median finishers.

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