Monday, September 6, 2010

Run for the Rub

Shannon was itching to race last weekend. She was looking for redemption from the beat down we took in the CDTR 10K. Also, we have set lofty goals for the Detroit Marathon next month and we wanted to see where we are at.

Unfortunately there were no races around. But then I read that BF Josh was doing the Run for the Rub 10K in Greensboro. So we decided to drive out there and surprise him.
The "Rub" refers to massage, as the race was part of a big birthday party for Greensboro massage therapist  Joel Tull, and the race was a pretty small, low key event.

I was feeling like crap all week from yet another cold, but my legs were rested so I wasn't sure how I would do.
Gratuitous Photoshop panorama of... a rest stop
Me with internet celebrity BF Josh
At the packet pickup, we ran into BFJ. He isn't just an internet celebrity, but one in Greensboro too. Everybody knew him.

He and Shannon talked Milwaukee for a bit, and then we did a quick warm up.
At the start Joel Tull ran through instructions.
"Who has run on the green-way before?"
A few people raised their hands.
"Everybody else, follow them"

There was only one fast guy there, and he took off and was out of sight after a mile. Fortunately the volunteers on the bikes came back to help guide people through the unmarked parts of the course.

Oh no! I'm heel striking.
No wonder my knees hurt.
Small steps!
I was felt good the first half, because it was steady downhill.
At the turn around the volunteer was reading off times,"18:10"
Wow! That would be a 5K PR for me. My garmin said it was only 3.02 miles, but it can be wrong sometimes.

The way back was a struggle and I slowed considerably. But at the finish, the clock said "37:20". This was too good to be true, considering my PR is 39:14. Other runners with GPS watches confirmed the short course.

In any case, it was good run. Shannon was the 1st female, and 7th overall, all while taking pictures. BFJ came in 4th in 42:19, once again proving shoes are unnecessary at best.
Joel Tull

When Joel crossed the finish line, we helped pelt him with whipped cream pies.
We then headed over to the post race party which was at Joe's house. The spread was spectacular:

  • a keg of a really good Amber Ale
  • breakfast with eggs, fresh fruit and more
  • free massages for everyone, with no waiting.

When I got my massage, I forgot the most important rule:

  • Never show any signs of pain

"Ow", I blurted out when therapist twisted my leg at on angle.
"Does that hurt? Here?", she located a spot on my thigh and started really digging into it.
It hurt like hell. I guess the theory is that pain can be 'rubbed out', so the louder you say "Ow" the harder they will press on it.
It's best to stay quiet.

Josh's foot, and something we got in our race packets.

Pictures are here

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