Saturday, September 25, 2010

2010 Salem Lake 30K report and photos


First of the important stuff:

395 Photos we took are here. 

There are a quite a few finish line photos of the 30K, but we did not get everyone.
Feel free to use them as you like. Let us know if you want a high rez photo.


Shannon and I have done this race every year since 2004 (except I missed 2006). 
Every year we get a little faster, but strangely the Garmin GPS measures the course a little shorter. 
I suspect the course organizers shorten the course every year so runners will always PR and keep coming back.

This year was no different. We were both lucky enough to have good races despite the warm weather, which is a really good sign for our marathon coming up in 3 weeks.

The best part was we saw lots of friends there. 

Friend Barbara took first in her age group

Karen got some "trail love"
Tom got some too. I saw a lot of people out there with battle scars.

Aline, always smiling

Josh, always hamming it up

Shannon and Danielle both took first in their age groups as well 

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