Thursday, August 26, 2010

Out West

Shannon and I are out in Western NC for our belated honeymoon. We are staying in a cabin with no TV, internet, or cell phone signal, but it is otherwise nicer than our house. Tonight we came into to West Jefferson to check messages.

We have been trying to run out here, but I think our 20 min/mile pace qualifies more as hiking.
The mountains have taught us new meanings for the words "hill" and "trail".

We tried (and failed) to do a long run on the Appalachian Trail. We also went to check out the course for the Continental Divide 10K Trail race, which we will be running on Saturday.
It will be the first race I have ever run that will require the use of my hands to get up a hill. Maybe I should wear 2 pair of Tigram Ten Toes.

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