Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barefoot update

My giant monkey foot
  • Did longest run ever this morning. 5 miles. 41 min, 8:19 pace. Very easy greenway course.
  • I was doing around 1 mile every day, waiting for the tenderness to go away before I went further, but I got impatient. Now doing 2 or 3 longer BF runs a week. 
  • It really does teach me to step lightly. Every few minutes I would get lazy and start stomping, but was corrected immediately.
  • It is making my transition to racing flats much easier
  • Still getting hot spots on my big toes. I am not pushing off, so I must be twisting. It happens even if I just go for a walk. 
  • According to BFJ, I must do 1000 miles to achieve enlightenment. 85 miles down, 915 miles to go.
  • Running with dogs is tough on the feet, with the stopping, starting, and tripping.
  • Thinking of doing the North Hills 5K barefoot on Sept 11. 
  • Running barefoot made me realize how badly my shoes fit my feet. I have wide monkey feet and almost all shoes have this narrow "toe box".