Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pimp My Bicycle!

Blogging Marathon: Day 25

My sweet cross-training ride.
For when I hurt myself running too much

Convenient garage door opener that is almost the same brand as my garage door.
Only have to push it 10-12 times before it works

Mysterious pulley system

I 've had flats, but never used this tire pump.
Might come in handy if I am ever smart enough to actually carry a spare tube.
And that Obama sticker might explain why people keep trying to run me off the road 

Cranks that look like solid gold bricks.
But are far more expensive

Speed+Cadence sensor for loads of useless data!

CAT3. No, that's not my cycling ranking. That's phone wire. Don't ask.

Stupid PowerCranks Tricks!

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