Monday, July 5, 2010

Karma swoops in

Blogging Marathon: Day 3

The other morning I was out on the greenway for a 2 mile barefoot run.
My feet seemed to be adjusting well to barefooting, and I was feeling really good.

I came up behind another guy running, clomping along in shoes. From behind, he looked like a young guy in pretty good shape.

I suddenly felt very pleased with myself that I had gotten fast enough in bare feet to run with someone in shoes. Looking at my watch, it was like an 8:30 pace, which was approaching my usual speed in shoes.

Elated with this success, I picked it up a little more to pass the guy. "Wow! I'm running barefoot, passing somebody! How cool is that?" I thought to myself.

I came up along side him, and was about to give him a very smug "Good Morning!"
But as I opened my mouth, a large moth flew directly in, and by reflex I bit down on it.

Immediately I started sputtering and gagging. The guy looked over at me with a look of startled concern, and I could only manage a wave as I tried desperately not spit the chewed up pieces of moth at him.

Then like a lunatic, I sprinted ahead, spitting repeatedly into the trees.
Pretty damn cool.

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