Monday, July 12, 2010

Gear Review - Tigram TenToes®

Blogging Marathon: Day 10

The popular Vibram FiveFingers KSO, $85
Like a lot of people who are trying barefoot running, I have become very unhappy with my big clunky running shoes. I really want a nice low profile shoe, like a racing flat.

Unfortunately none of the racing flats fit my extra wide feet.

I have heard a lot of good things about the Vibram Five Fingers. So I thought I would give those a try.

However when I got to the store, I saw they were $85!  This seemed pricey, and I sat in the store a while and debated getting a pair.

But then I saw on the next shelf was a similar pair of minimalist shoes. They looked just as good, but were only $19.95! I got those instead, and here is a review.

Review of the new Tigram TenToes®

Tigram TenToes®  $19.95
I've never heard of Tigram, but the salesman said they make top quality products, just as good as Vibrams. 
When I tried them on in the store, they felt awesome. They fit like a glove!
  • The are made of durable leather
  • Water resistant
  • Have a patented "stay-on-strap®" that wraps around the heel for a snug fit. 
  • The seemed a little short, and didn't have the coverage of bottom of the heel that I would expect. But the salesman said that provides a more "natural barefoot feel"

I went for a short run in them, and it was a little odd at first. The toes seem to flop around a lot. But the sales guy said it takes a while to transition to minimalist footwear.

I highly recommend these! I feel bad for all you suckers who shelled out $85 for the VFFs. These are much better. I'm so excited, I'm heading out the door for my 20 miler!


You might not want to go 20 miles on your first time out.
These might take some getting used to. Ow.

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