Friday, July 23, 2010

Fitness Forecast

Blogging Marathon: Day21

The "Fitness Forecast" courtesy of

I was thinking it would be too hot to run this weekend, but I guess I was wrong! Thanks to the "Fitness Forecast", I can see the conditions will be "Moderate" for running. I guess it would have to be 130°F before it would be too hot.

Tonight the temp will drop to a chilly 78°F, with 80% humidity. Great conditions for the Run with Heart 5K tomorrow morning.

Yes, I am running another 5K, for the 4th consecutive weekend. The course is supposed to be flat and fast, and I am curious if I can beat my time from last weekend at the Beat the Heat 5K. That 5K was a little hilly, but it was cooler out. So what slows us down more? Heat or hills?

I feel pretty good today, which according to the IDI Hypothesis, means I will have a terrible race. We will find out tomorrow.

In the mean time I will post some old pictures, and think cool thoughts.

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