Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fall Race Schedule

Blogging Marathon: Day 23
To endure the oppressive heat, I need to look forward to when it will hopefully be cooler, and running will be more enjoyable.

Here are the races that Shannon and I have planned for the fall. I'm sure there will be others races in between, but these are the important ones.

8/29/2010 - Continental Divide Trail Race 10K
This will be a humbling experience. Our first race in the mountains. This is the USATF 10k Trail Championship, where really fast people show up. I might finish dead last.

9/17/2010 - Blue Ridge Relay
We return to the mountains to run on the Godiva "Mixed" team. 208 miles, 12 people, 27 hours in van. Our first relay.

9/25/2010 - Salem Lake 30K
A week after the relay, this seems like a bad idea. But this is one of our favorite races, because it's like a marathon without the hard part. This will be Shannon's 7th time running it and my 6th.

10/9/2010 - Triple Lakes Trail Race
Actually, we probably will not run this, because we have a marathon a week later. But I so badly want to. I love trail races, and this is a great one. I am thinking of quitting all these boring painful road races, and doing nothing but trails.

10/17/2010 - Detroit Marathon
We signed up for this because Shannon is obsessed with trying to PR at flat, fast marathons. Will be my 4th time running it. My sister will be joining us for the full and my brother for the half.
I am setting a pie in sky goal of breaking 3 hours. Unfortunately I seem to be getting slower and not faster, so it most likely will be a spectacular bonk.

11/6/2010 - Shut-in Ridge Run
Thinking about this one. Plus side - it's a trail race.
Minus: 18 miles up the side of a mountain sounds painful. It's a long drive. They have a terrible flash based website.

11/20/2010 - Raven Rock Rumble
Love this race!

12/4/2010 - Run at the Rock
Wearing some football cleats this time.