Thursday, July 8, 2010

Biography of an Elite Athlete

Blogging Marathon: Day 6

My companion and competitor on this journey, Neil Z, had the good idea of telling his running "origin" story. I'll follow his lead for this mile and tell mine, though it is not as interesting or dramatic as his.

Biography of AC, Elite Athlete
1970 Born
1978 Is 7th in the batting lineup of T-Ball team. Bats in front of the Eli twins who weigh 60 pounds combined.
Career highlight: In one mighty swing, misses the ball but sends the tee into the outfield. Then throws the bat and hits the first baseman. Ejected from game.
1983 Nearly completes 1 consecutive pull-up in gym class.
Is one of the top ranked targets in dodge ball.
1987 Successfully avoids taking the required semester of swimming with forged Doctor's note.
1988 Encouraged/bullied by older brother into taking 1 mile run around block. Throws up.
1992 Briefly discovers joy of trail running while skipping college classes
1995 At age 25, acquires "runner's knee" while hitting peek mileage of 3 road miles, 3 times a week. 
2002 Rediscovers trail running at Falls Lake and Umstead Park. Can run up to 6 miles for an hour on the trails.
9/2003In preparation for Detroit Marathon Relay, completes longest run to date. A single training run of 10 miles on a treadmill
10/2003 At age 33, enters first race ever, The Detroit Marathon Relay. Accidentally runs the entire marathon. (race report to come)
2/2004Emboldened by marathon success in Detroit, properly trains for Bayshore Marathon.
5/2004Properly bonks at Bayshore Marathon.
to be continued...