Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beat the Heat 5K

Blogging Marathon: Day 16

A line of storms moved through yesterday, cooling things way down to a bizarre and pleasant 72 degrees.
The rain also caused several accidents and a dead stop traffic jam on I-40, making me late getting to Bart's place.
Bart drove. We picked up Wayne and headed to Winston-Salem. I made some navigational errors, so we got there with only 15 min to spare.

No time to do any extended warm up like I usually do, so I just got my bib and went looking for a place to pee. I did managed to acquire a running injury before the race

The was a line for the porta-johns, so I went running behind some buildings looking for a bush to pee in. In my haste, I slipped on some steps landing hard on my shin, drawing a little blood. Ow.

Finally got to meet Barefoot Josh and Iris. I pointed to my public urination related injury, and Josh said "There's bathrooms right here in the building"

Josh and I started the race together, and we ran the first mile just under 6 minutes. I couldn't let some barefoot guy beat me, so I tripped him and kept going.

The "Inverse Debilitation Indication Hypothesis" held true and I had a great race, despite being a member of the walking dead all week.  Both Josh and I finished just 6 seconds shy our P.Rs.

Bart killed it with a 18:14, taking home a pretty cool mug.

There was, as promised, free beer and pizza. All you could drink and eat. I made sure I got my $15 worth.
Hung out and talked for a while. Josh is a pretty cool guy when he isn't throwing up all over the place.

Unfortunately I forgot to get the camera out, so I didn't get any pictures. Sorry Shannon!

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