Wednesday, July 7, 2010

10 second trail running clinic

Blogging Marathon: Day 5 (ug, I'm getting tired already)


The Running-Down 10 Second Trail Running Clinic

This is an online course that will teach you all you need to know to run trails fast, have fun, and not get hurt.

All this, for the low, low price of $950. What a bargain!

To purchase the course, please send a check to the following link:

Trail Running Clinic

Did you send it?

Good. OK. Ready? Be sure to take notes.

Welcome to the Running-Down 10 Second Trail Running Clinic.
Follow these rules:
  • Look at the trail
  • Take small steps
  • Be polite
This completes the Running-Down 10 Second Trail Running Clinic.

Thank you for participating.

The Running-Down Advanced Trail Running Ethics Course
Understanding the foundations of politeness: Sharing the trail with others. (This course is really for me. I need constant reminders)
  • Let people know your coming. Say "Good Morning!". Doesn't mater what time it is.
  • Passing.

    • Say "Passing on your left!"
    • They will say "OH!", dance for second, and then move to the left
    • so you actually pass on the right.
  • Say "Thank you!"
  • Stay alert for runners coming behind you.  They might sneak up, snatch your headphones and throw them into the nearby stream.