Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogging Marathon Challenge


The Official 2010 Running-Down Blogging Marathon Challenge
  • What:   26.2 consecutive days of blog posts!
  • When:   Saturday, July 3rd - Thursday, July 29th
  • Why:   Shannon is going to Italy for 3 weeks. She doesn't speak Italian, so I thought I would give her something to read while she is over there.
I have already started carbo-loading and hydrating... with beer. This will be the biggest challenge I have ever attempted. Just one blog post can take me 5 hours, leaving me mentally limping for a week. 

Can I make it 26.2 days in a row?
Can I withstand:
The blistered fingers? 
The horrible chafing from the two halves of my brain rubbing together? 
The cramping of my dehydrated ego when most have my followers have unsubscribed, and it is obvious that no one is reading anymore?
Will I break through the "wall" at day 20?
Stay tuned, if you can endure it.

And if any of you other bloggers out there think this will be easy, then come along. I dare you.

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