Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekly Q & A

Here is the weekly installment on the Running Down questions and answers (see here for the first post)
Again, these questions come from the phrases that my blog visitors are searching for.

Q: "should i run a 5k fast until throw up"?
A: Yes. If you don't throw up, it is called "leaving something in the tank", and means you didn't run hard enough. You need to spew 100% effort.
However, make sure to carry a barf bag with you. I ran one 5K where the kid in front of me tossed his cookies all over the finish line, sending the timing volunteers jumping for cover, and I was not counted in the results.

Q: "philosopher's way trail run how difficult"?
A: I did the Philosopher's Way last year, and it was a lot of fun. It is not a difficult trail, not too rocky or hilly. But there are about a thousand switchbacks, so it is somewhat of a challenge to follow.

Q: "can runners knee be cured"?
A: Yes. Runner's knee is caused by the "Heelstrikococcus" bacteria. The cure is to rub anti-bacterial cream on your knee and eat one raw clove of garlic per day for a month.

Q: "runners knee mountain okay biking"?
A: it highly yes, recommend I!

Q: "knees turn red when running"?
Q: "lips turn blue after running"?
A: I bet these two questions came from the same person. If so, then I think all the blood is draining out of your lips and pooling in your knees. Try running with head between your legs.

Q: "comparing boston and nyc marathon"?
A: These 2 marathons are very similar, and have these things in common:
  1. Very crowded
  2. Hard to get into
  3. Interesting, fairly flat, point to point courses
  4. Long wait at the start
The big difference is that in Boston you are supposed to stop and kiss the girls on at mile 12. In New York, you might get punched in the mouth.

Q: "detroit marathon deaths poisoning"?
A: This was just a silly stupid rumor. For the last time, NO ONE WAS POISONED AT THE DETROIT MARATHON!
It was in the HALF marathon where the Gatorade was poisoned.

Q: "olive oil hamstring"?
A: Add a little Parmesan cheese and rosemary. Delicious.

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