Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Cary Half-Marathon

Pushing through the pain
"Aaaarrg!" every step was excruciating.
My left foot felt broken. A little bone on the top, near my big toe felt like it had snapped in half.
But I was running as fast as I could, limping, trying to keep up with Shannon. After a minute I could not take it any more and had to stop and walk.
She stopped and walked with me.I was breathing hard. More from the pain than the exertion.
But precious seconds were ticking away, so I tried running again.
"Oh. Are we running?", she asked, following me.
I managed to push through the pain the last half mile.

This was actually after the half marathon on Sunday. We were just hurrying back to our house so we could shower, and then meet our friends for beer and Korean food. Sometimes you have to suffer to get your Kim Chi (and sometimes you suffer after Kim Chi).
The fast guys.
Anyway back to the race. Before we went for Korean food, Shannon and I ran the "Inside-Out Sports Classic Half-Marathon" in Cary..

We are both still pretty beat up and worn out from the last few months, and the last thing we needed was another race. But we just HAD to do it. You see, the course is almost exactly our usual running route, going into Umstead and back down the Black Creek greenway past our house. I mean, it is right there. How could we possibly sit this one out?

So for the first time, we didn't drive to a race.We packed a backpack with dry clothes and jogged the half mile to the start. Although it was only 68 degrees, the humidity was oppressive, and I sweating before I even lined up.

One pair of VFFs. No bare feet that I saw,
though it would have been a good day for it

Last year 200 people did this race. This year, there were 700. It was the RRCA state championship race for North Carolina, and the cash prizes drew some of the really fast runners. It was also part of the Second Empire Grand Prix Series. 
Over 700 people did the half.
I had a surprisingly good race. I think the fact that I have run up and down this path a few hundred times helped. I knew exactly how to pace myself up and down each hill, and finished strong, but with a limp. I aggravated a lingering foot ailment, which is now full fledged injury. Possibly a stress fracture. I am taking a few weeks off from running to let heal.

What most of the course looks like.
And that's Bubble's butt
Shannon ran much of the way with 13 year old Winston, who was attempting his first half marathon. Bubbles came out to help pace Shannon for a few miles.

It is a great race, with a excellent course. Highly recommend it.
That's ultra legend Blake Norwood on the bike,
volunteering for the half

13 year old Winston finishes the half under 2 hours. His longest race ever.

Me, Bart, and Guy

This guy did the 13.1 miles with a 65 pound pack. Show off.

Shannon was unhappy with the bagel I gave her

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