Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cary Road Race 10K PRs!

Shannon and I ran the Cary Road Race 10K this morning, and we both set a whole bunch of new PRs!
I set a personal record by eating 8 slices of bread from the Great Harvest Bread Company.
This breaks my previous record of 5, set last year. What makes this more astounding is that I also ate an apple, a banana and almost 2 bagels.
Our friend Bob Sites took this great
picture while he was running the 10K
We also set a record time of 4-1/2 hours for a 10K, spending almost 3 hours hanging around afterwards for the awards ceremony and catching up with friends.

Shannon had a great race, setting a PR of PRs. Her time of 43:51 for the 10K ranked a 70.2% on the age graded scale, breaking 70% for the first time ever! 

I did not do so well. Out of the 3 guys wearing the Brooks Launch red and orange shoes, I came in last place. I will be going out today to find those Hello Kitty racing flats.

I did, however, set a new PBOR (Personal-Body-Odor-Record) , managing to offend even my own dull senses.

Shannon took a bunch of pictures of the 10K and 5K which are here.

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