Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boston Marathon Makes You Hungry

In 8 days I will be running my first Boston marathon.
From everything I have heard, Boston is an extra special marathon, different than all the others.

My sister alerted me to this list of very important tips that was sent out to all participants:

2010 Boston Marathon One Week to Go Tips & Strategies

Apparently, one special thing about Boston is that it will make you very, very hungry, because 6 of the 9 tips involve eating. These are great tips, because it provides a lot great facts I didn't know.

For example:

Tip#5 - At what point of the marathon are you at great risk of getting hungry and dehydrated, and should carry fluid and fuel with you?
Mile 22? After the race?
NO. At the marathon expo! That's right you should make sure you wear your fuel belt, and pin several Gu to your clothes before you go to pick up your race bib.

Tip#2 - The week before, carry food with you at all times. I plan on getting a tray I can strap to the front of me so I can continue to eat my pasta dinner as I go to the bathroom.

Tip#3 - What's the first thing to do when you arrive in Boston? Relax? See the sites? Pick up your bib? NO! For God's sake, find a grocery store!