Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Runner Down

Well, this blog has finally lived up to it's name.
I have finally run myself down past the breaking point, and now I am broken.
The injury? My left calf muscle is still missing (it abandoned me at mile 23 of the marathon on Saturday).

I have been limping for 4 days, which is really nothing unusual for me, especially after a marathon. So I tried to run this morning, but I... couldn't. My leg simply was not working.

I can't remember this ever happening before. Oh sure, my body has often screamed out in agony telling me I shouldn't run, and I would stop and rest. But I could still shuffle along if I absolutely had to. Like to escape a burning building, avoid an oncoming bus, or round my weekly mileage up to 60.

But now I simply can't run, and it's a major bummer.
So I tried riding my bike instead. Strangely, I could pedal just fine, so I road into Umstead park looking for my lost calf. I didn't find it. And now I am limping even worse, so maybe the bike isn't a good idea.

I hope my lost calf muscle comes home. Oh, lost calf muscle, if you are out there reading this, I am sorry! I promise I won't abuse you anymore! please come home, I need you!

I have to run the Godiva "Hard Climb Hill" 10 miler on Sunday.
Then Umstead Endurance 50 miler run in just 17 days.
And don't forget the Boston Marathon in 6 weeks!

Oh, please come home!

Have you seen me?

Lost: Calf muscle, left.
Last seen: March 6th, bouncing down
Cedar Ridge in Umstead park

Description: Severely dehydrated,
overworked, and
spontaneously convulsing


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