Monday, March 15, 2010


I cannot let Barefoot Josh show me up on my own blog with his damn witty limericks.
So here are some of mine. (Some of these have already appeared in the Godiva newsletter)
You must drink a pint after you read each one.

There once was a runner from Cary,
Wanted to win, but his legs were too hairy,
Yet when he shaved them all smooth,
His speed did not improve,
So he entered the race as Sherry

Uwharrie, a race so perverse,
Hills, rocks, and streams to traverse,
When at the end of the trail,
Feeling sickly and pale,
You must repeat it all in reverse

There once was a runner called Juju,
On his shoes he would practice voodoo,
With a cut and a slice,
Sawed them up nice,
Make him faster? No he was kookoo

There once was a runner called Bubbles,
Departing for some Uwharrie troubles,
When out of the garage,
Burst a one dog barrage,
Breaking her kneecap to rubbles

There once was a runner named Mary,
Taking pictures with camera she would carry,
Apt to fall with a bash,
She collected trail rash,
Slowed her down? No, quite contrary!

GODIVAS' summers at track.
Revealing the speed that I lack,
When doing the mile,
It takes me a while,
And the 100 is just a heart attack.

Two for Ru
There once was a dog named Ru,
With lost runners, he knew what to do,
Leading the way first,
Then quenching their thirst,
Saved my ass and saved Shannon's too

There once was a dog named Ru,
Ten years old, but seemed brand new,
Equally good in a hash,
Or a hundred yard dash,
Secret to youth was diet of poo!