Sunday, March 21, 2010

2010 Tobacco Road Marathon pictures

Shannon and I went out to spectate the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary this morning. We were around the 25.6 mile mark (12.5 for the half marathoners).

Shannon took a bunch of pictures with her fancy professional camera, and the pictures are here.
She got most of the first 180 marathoners and many of the back of the pack half-marathoners.
Feel free to use them (though attribution would be nice). If you want any high res pictures, just email:

Congrats to some people we know:

  • Joey Anderson for qualifying for Boston again!
  • Chris Boyce (Godiva VP), is that a PR?
  • Matt "Moose" Marum, for getting wood in Umstead, then running another fast marathon 2 weeks later.
  • Jenny Miles on good half!
  • Julie Garett
  • Gregg Dean (Godiva, going sub-3!)
  • Tim Pierce, 2:50, that's just nuts
  • Susie Hansley (Godiva)
  • John Haws (Godiva)
  • "Ultra" Brad Smythe
  • Frank Lilley! Sorry we missed you Frank!

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