Saturday, February 6, 2010

Uwharrie quick update

Shannon, Bubbles and I did the Uwharrie 40 miler today, and all made it out alive without any major injuries. Some quick thoughts:

  • Race directors Jason and Kim of Bull City Running Co. and all of the volunteers did a miraculous job putting the race together under extreme conditions. They had to set up at least 8 aid stations yesterday in the middle of the forest, during the torrential rain and flooding. THANK YOU!
  • Due to flooding, the last 5 miles of the 20 mile trail was rerouted to a gravel road.
  • My GPS watch measured the course to be a measly 38 miles.
  • Otherwise, most of the flooding of yesterday had subsided, and the most of stream crossings were less than a foot deep.
  • I managed not to punch the ground with my face (thanks for the tip, Josh), although a rock did land a wicked haymaker on my big toe.
  • Congrats to friends Ronnie Weed, who placed 3rd, and Tricia Drummy who was 2nd Female.
  • Korean food and Beer are wonderful things.
  • I will do a more complete race report after I sleep a long, long time.

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