Saturday, February 27, 2010

Godiva Geezer Pleezer

This past Sunday, Shannon and I ran the Godiva Geezer Pleezer 4 miler, along with Shannon's friend Becca.

"OH NO! There's no memory card in my camera!", Shannon cried when we got there.
I had taken it out and forgot to replace it. "I am so sorry". I felt really bad, because Shannon feels that if there are no pictures of a race, then it didn't really happen.

The Geezer Pleezer is a race that adds a really fun twist to balance the field. Some runners are given a head start, based on their age and gender. For example, a 56 year old woman gets a 9 minute head start on the guys 18-35. Me being a 39 year old guy, I got a 45 second head start on them.

The race clock began counting down from 14:45 as 80 year old Bob De Maine started off. Batches of younger and younger runners took off in waves after him, until the clock was 0:45 before the "start" when I took off.

I was feeling really good, and managed to pass some of the people who had started before me, saying hi along the way. The course is mostly on slightly rolling roads not closed to traffic, but there really wasn't too many cars out there. I snuck up behind Shannon and pinched her butt as I went by.

Geezer Pleezer was a lot of fun, I think all races should be like this. I highly recommend it.

The best part was hanging out afterward and catching up with all our Godiva friends.
Dr. Ken gave Shannon a free check up, examining the trail love on her leg she got in Uwharrie. "Really you can't feel anything right there? Hmmm. Could be leprosy. Did you fall on an armidillo?"

We had to take off a little early because Becca had a long drive back to Virginia.

It was so nice out, sunny mid 60's that I just had to go out and run again. So despite doing 2 races already that weekend I went out for a long run Sunday afternoon. That was a huge mistake, because since then I have been beaten and broken. I took 4 days off this week and I am still not recovered. Not a good sign for Umstead Marathon next Saturday.