Friday, February 12, 2010

Runner's Knee Cured - part 1

I have been running for over 20 years, during which I have suffered from a chronic case of Chondromalacia patella, or "Runner's knee"
That is until today, because I am declaring myself cured.

Symptoms of "Runner's knee":
1. Aching, throbbing pain directly underneath the kneecap
2. Hurts when you first start running, then goes away somewhat as you warm up
3. Painful when sitting for long periods.
4. Never seems to go away, no mater what you do

Here is the basis for declaring myself cured:
  • Just a couple years ago it would take lot of ice bags, stretching and ibuprofen to run 100 miles in a month.
  • Last month I ran over 200 miles, followed by a 37 mile trail race, without any knee pain, ice bags, stretching or ibuprofen.
If you suffer from this, you may be asking "HOW?! What did you do? What's the secret?"
The answer for me was so utterly simple that I am embarrassed to admit it. The amount of time, money and pain that I have squandered seeking such a simple answer qualifies me as a moron of the highest (or lowest) degree. But I am not alone in my stupidity, as I join the ranks of:
  • podiatrists
  • physical therapists
  • "sports medicine" specialists
  • orthopedic surgeons
All of whom have attempted and failed to cure my knee pain. And lets not forget the source of the bad advice and wrong information that I blindly followed:
  • Runner's World
  • Shoe companies
  • Running store "experts"

Before I reveal the simple, two word answer of what worked for me I must make the standard disclaimer: accept this "cure" as anecdotal evidence only.

I am only making claims about my case of "Runner's Knee". Maybe the above "experts" are right about everybody else, and you should follow their 15th century torturous treatment plans that are backed by the same amount of scientific evidence as blood-letting, fire cupping, and drilling holes in people heads to let the daemons out...

Oops. Have to go to work. Continued in part #2