Friday, January 15, 2010

If you don't hear from us by 10pm Saturday night...

Please call the authorities and have them start searching Uwharrie National Forest for us.

Description of us:

*White male. (really white. I mean like paste). 5'8". Wearing embarrassingly short shorts and goofy red shoes. Possibly missing teeth from falling face first into rocks.
*Small white female with frizzy blond hair. 5'2". Clutching empty bag of Skittles. Cursing unintelligibly.

Tomorrow we attempt our 3rd and final training run in Uwharrie. We plan to run 6-7 hours, the longest we have ever run, on the most difficult trail we have ever been on. It seems really dumb idea right now. I bet it will seem even dumber when we are done.

Only half joking about this. Read this story about a couple of runners on a long training run on trails getting lost. There's all kinds of other bad things that can happen. Fortunately, hunting season is over; hopefully the hunters know this...