Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photos from full moon run

We went for a moon run Tuesday night.
The temp was in the 40's, so I wasn't too exited about stopping for Shannon to take pictures. But I was pleasantly surprised by how well they turned out. Here is a link to all of them. Here are my favorites(click for larger):

Ring around the moon. These are actually color, but look black and white. If you look close, you can make out Bubbles in the lower right.

You can see little Jorge's paw in this one, as he was running towards the camera.

The ghosts of runs past...

I love the other-worldly graininess of this one. It is distorted and abstract enough to tap into the subconscious, like a snapshot of a dream. Or nightmare.

These shots remind me of Shannon's "Black Sun" pictures. This is my favorite one of those. It was taken with her old-school rolleicord camera.
She used some old, expired film which gave that extra graininess, and the black sun. The black sun was caused by the sun actually burning a hole in the film.
I don't why, but when I look at this picture I hear a horrible screech of an off-key violin.