Thursday, November 26, 2009

Inside-Out Turkey Trot 8K

There were over 50,000 people at this mornings Inside-Out Turkey Trot 8K in Cary
Morning Pain Check
7am on Thanksgiving morning, time for an ache and pain check:
  • knees? aching
  • quads? sore
  • hamstrings? throbbing
  • Oooh! A new pain! Some muscle or tendon that I didn't even know I had, on the outside of the leg above the ankle

Start line
Race Addicts [Un]Anonymous
The reason my legs are battered is the 2 races over the weekend, Raven Rock and the Misery run. Even though the Misery Run was supposed to be a non-competitive fun run, I still ran it as hard as I could, trying and failing to keep up with Jason Figge.
And of course, because it's Thanksgiving, we MUST do a Turkey Trot this morning! 3 races in 6 days seems excessive; it's certainly not good for our health. So why do we race so much? In my case, I think it's some unresolved childhood issue, like being picked last for the team in gym class. Anyway, it's off to the races again!

A great finish line photo of Heiko Rath.
Yet another race
So we headed over to the Inside-Out Turkey Trot 8K in Cary. It was a very cool and foggy morning. After a little warm up the legs felt better. We lined up with a friend whose name I won't mention because he was playing hooky from work. I ran the first couple miles with him, but was so out of breath I could barely talk. I was wearing my red shoes with the minimal cushioning, but my feet and legs felt great, but I just couldn't get enough air into my lungs. This was my first 8K and I found it to be about 60% more painful than a 5K.
I was amazed and happy that I managed beat my goal time despite feeling so crappy this morning.

My neighbor, Guy
We ran a cool down, which we obsessively had to make exactly one mile so we could count it in our running log. Then we hung out and talked with people for a while .

Of course, Shannon took her camera with her, and the fog made for some great pictures, which are here

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