Friday, November 13, 2009

Boston marathon is full


Wow. That was fast. Last yearTwo years ago it sold out for the first time ever, last year it sold out in mid January. This year is sold out in just 2 months.

I guess no one is going to sign up for the "Last Chance for Boston" Marathon now. That is a race that is supposed to be perfectly flat and easy, where you run a mile loop 26 times, hoping to qualify for Boston. I guess it needs to change it's date from Feb 28 to before Boston registration even opens.

Shannon and I may not run races especially fast, but we are among the elite when it comes to signing up for them. We were 4 for 4 for next year's races which are now closed:

Closed Races
Filled up in
Boston Marathon (downhill, easy 26.2 mile road race)
2 Months
Umstead Trail Marathon (rolling, moderate 26.2 trail race)
1 Week
Uwharrie Mountain Run (40 mile challenging trail race)
15 minutes
Umstead 100-mile endurance run (100 miles? Are you nuts? No. Shannon and I are only doing "the half")
5 min, 25 sec

I see a trend here. The more painful the race, the faster it fills up. If that's the case, then the "Last chance for Boston" marathon will fill up really fast. What could be more painful than running a mile loop 26 times?

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